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VanBridge is a bridge that leads you to a successful study abroad journey.

Popular Programs & FAQ Topics

What are you curious about? There are popular programs and topics that students ask the most.

ESL Program

Study English in Canada:

Private ESL School List

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Studying in Canada:

Must you know!

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Post Graduate Program : Master, Semi-Master

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Study in Canada

Internship Co-op Program

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One-Stop Service

Studying Abroad + Landing Services + Immigration Services: Everything you need is in VanBridge!

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Studying in Canada

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Settlement Service

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Immigration Service

1st Place For International Student Agency In Canada, VanBridge!

The highest reputation, the constant recommendation and references of VanBridge-experienced students are gathering other students.


A Canada local student agency is always with you 

We can provide proactive assistance by updating information faster than anyone else on the local situation in Canada.

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The initial consultant keeps managing students in Canada

The VanBridge managers directly consult and will continuously contact students while studying.



Various activities for students

For continuous interactions not only with us but between students, and for students to adapt to Canada, there are events where school friends can be invited and students can network with each other.

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Image by Amir Hanna

Post Landing Service With Experts

Based on more than 10 years of experience in landing services for leaving study abroad early with parents in Vancouver and participants in various events/programs, we provide systematic landing and settlement services. Settle in Vancouver safely and without difficulty.

with various events

We prepare various events for communication with students and among students.

Life in Vancouver is more fun with Vanbridge.

Talk With Our Team

We will answer your curious questions about studying in Canada.

We will touch with you as soon as possible.

Van Bridge Education | VB Immigration Consulting

Unit #710 - 890 W Pender St., Vancouver,
British Columbia, V6C 1J8, Canada

+1 (604) 558-1201

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