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Post Landing Service

If you consider studying abroad early with your parents, or immigration, you should be more careful in every step regarding settling in Canada.

Unlike ordinary international students, there are a variety of preparations, from renting a house to buying a car if you come to Canada to study abroad or immigration.

Suppose you have no experience abroad or are new to staying abroad for a long time. In that case, you may need a helping hand to adapt to everything, including house contracts and various life-related tasks such as cell phone, internet, and banking. In this case, we, VanBridge, help you adapt to Canadian life quickly and efficiently through our systematic settlement service.

A professional settlement service manager will accompany you for a fixed settlement period to help you solve various initial questions and make a good choice for each customer when you have life-related questions in case of purchasing a house, vehicle, etc.

What services do you provide?

We will help you well settle down in Canada.

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Find a Residence House

Condo, townhouse and house presale arrangements and paperwork, interpretation

Family in Airport

Pick Up from Air Port

Upon arrival in Canada, airport pick-up service is provided

School Bus

Apply a school

Visiting the Office of Education before admission and

 enrolling in a school in the desired catchment before entering Canada

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Make an reservation of temporary residence

Providing Information on hotels and lodging if no prior agreement has been made or when entering the country before the start of the contract period

Female Driver

Guide to Car insurance

Canadian driver's license exchange service and insurance information when buying a car

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Help with purchasing household items

Help with buying basic necessities such as furniture, electronics and groceries

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Guide to Buying a Car

Consultation available depending on budget and current Vancouver sales situation, used or new cars

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Open a Canadian Bank Account

Making a reservation for opening it with a Korean bank teller for smooth communication

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Utility bill registration and management

Home rental insurance required when renting a house, Internet, bc hydro application and installation reservation.

​How long does the Landing service proceed?

Our landing service manager will accompany you for 3 days and have you master everything.

Day 1:

Purchase furniture, electronics, and groceries needed from the first day of entering the country. (*If the housing contract is completed before entering Canada)

Day 2:

Driver's license exchange service (* You won’t have much time to do anything more to organize the furniture and electronics you bought on the first day)

Day 3:

Search for a car according to your preference, purchase (take-over), and register for car insurance

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