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Study in Canada

Why studying in Canada?

Canada, a country with beautiful nature

Canada has beautiful natural scenery, and each state has a slightly different studying environment, so you can choose an area depending on the lifestyle you pursue. Among them, Vancouver has a variety of winter and summer sports with the city, mountains, and the sea harmonized together. People are very kind and friendly with western manners, so people are more relaxed than in the east. Therefore, Vancouver is a good option if it's your first time studying abroad.


Canada is a country that offers working holiday visas and provides opportunities for you to experience the business environment in Canada through either paid or unpaid internship programs. Plus, since it is possible to study abroad for up to 6 months with a tourist visa (visa-free) in Canada, it is advantageous for students who want to quickly start a new life in a new country without complicated procedures.

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Vancouver Features

It is located on the Pacific Coast and has four climate seasons, just like Korea. Although it is rainier in Winter and a bit dry in Summer, it is a city with beautiful weather that is less cold in Winter and less hot in Summer than in Korea.

Not only the mild climate, but Vancouver is also a world-famous tourist destination worldwide for various tourist attractions such as the Rocky Mountains, Whistler, and Stanley park, as the tourism industry is growing. 

Vancouver is also the most chosen city for Education. Because it is a safe city, it is a city that parents consider with their children's study abroad in mind. The North American-style education method combined with the European one can grow students into global talent. Accordingly, language training and paid/unpaid internships are actively underway, and many of the world's top universities and colleges offer a variety of academic programs. 

Canada and Korea have a visa-free agreement so that you can travel and study through eTA for up to six months. Suppose you wish to temporarily reside in Canada through a long-term program of more than 6 months. In that case, you can stay in Canada long term with the visa extension, and all visa and immigration-related work will be handled by certified CICC in VanBridge.

In addition, if you proceed with the Canadian Working Holiday Program, you can receive a visa that allows you to work freely for one year. Even without the Working Holiday visa, you can still have both study and work experience through a Co-op program.

As such, Canada offers a variety of programs to gain English study and various work experiences, including ESL and provides all kinds of visa processing services for this purpose.

Ease of Visa Issuance 

Vancouver Study Abroad Program

What programs are available in Vancouver, Canada?

Private ESL
Language Training

General/Intensive English

English for College 

English for Exams

University Language Program

General English

English for College & University

Internship / Co-op


Hotel Management

Computer Programming

Going to University



Associate Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

Professional Qualification

Early Childhood Education

HCA nurse


Going to Graduate School

Semi-Master’s Degree

Master’s Degree

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Which program fits me?

Talk to a professional study advisor at Vanbridge.

We will be the bridge to your desired destination.

When choosing a school in Canada, the programs you can choose from vary depending on your preference and the type of program you aim for. For example, a co-op program would be appropriate if you want to gain study and work experience simultaneously. If you desire to improve your English skills, an ESL program would be the best option.


We, VanBridge, match a student with a program that a student wants according to the characteristics of each school's numerous programs. Through this, we help each student effectively achieve their goals in Canada with maximum satisfaction.


In particular, if you are going to study abroad for an extended period (more than 6 months), the types of programs you can choose from become more diverse as your English level rises, so choosing a program that suits your situation with a professional counsellor is more critical than anything else.

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